Breaking the ice in Figma

October 15, 2022

We recently launched a stand alone web version of Parabol's icebreaker tool. Seeing how successful it was, and given we had the opportunity to work on anything we wanted during one of our regular hack weeks, I decided to spend this time creating a version of the icebreakers tool for Figma and FigJam.

I'm a big fan of both Figma and FigJam, and we at Parabol are regular users of both tools, so working on this little project made a lot of sense for us. I enlisted the help of Georg, one of our amazing engineers, to help me hook all the code necessary for the widget to work.

I started by migrating the design we already had and adapting it to a widget format in Figma. On of the key aspects of our icebreakers tool is that it's lightweight and simple to use. I wanted to carry those same principles to the widget version.

Once you add the widget to a Figma project or a FigJam board, you are presented with an initial icebreaker question. Users can hit the Refresh button until they find and icebreaker they like. That's it.

We are so happy to see that thousands of Figma users are trying out our icebreakers widget. You can get it on the Figma Community, and you can also checkout the Product Hunt launch over here.