Revisiting old Glitch projects

April 17, 2024

Today I came across a few old projects I worked on while I was at Glitch back in 2018. It was a nice surprise that put a big smile on my face.

When Fog Creek morphed into Glitch I stopped working on FogBugz and joined the small Community team at Glitch. We were tasked with creating simple apps that would help new users get started. The idea was that new users could reference these apps to learn how to create projects in Glitch, and also beginner coders could use them to learn the basics of core Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS).

These are some of my favorite apps we created:

Simple Countdown

Simple Digital Clock

Random Ball

Count my Words

Random Number

As I mentioned above, these were intentionally simple apps, but we paid special attention to following best practices and making them responsive, progressive, and accessible.

You can view the source code for all of these by going to the upper-right Glitch menu (the two fishes).