Hi Interface.ai




I’m very interested in the Senior Product Designer role at Interface.ai. I have over 10 years of Product Design experience, leading design for tools and experiences that enable teams and individuals across digital platforms. I want to join Interface.ai's design team because I'm passionate about working on tools that empower people and that democratize access to opportunities.

You can view my full portfolio here, where you'll find more case studies and projects, as well as some pieces of writing that expand on how I think about the design craft. That said, I've selected the following projects which showcase recent projects I led design for:

Lastly, I also want to highlight some key points that describe how I approach my work and what I value as a member of a design team, in no particular order:

  • I thrive in cross-functional teams: Alignment and collaboration across different areas and functions is paramount for successful project outcomes. I seek to work closely with engineers, PMs, marketers, researchers, and customer support specialists to produce better results.

  • I always start from a place of curiosity and empathy: This is what feeds innovation and in my opinion two of the most important qualities a product designer should nurture. I embrace the fact that the tools and experiences we create will be used by people, most of whom have a very diverse set of goals, abilities and expectations.

  • I believe in experimentation and rapid iteration: A design is never done until iteration and validation have proven a successful solution. I define and scope design work to lead my team to a more efficient execution and learning loop. 

  • I care deeply about design craft and delivery: I work closely with my design peers, engineers and PMs to guarantee that our work meets quality standards, is aligned to strategy, and can be implemented efficiently.

  • I validate assumptions through research and data: I trust my experience and intuition, but I also always determine the kind of research and validation methods needed to test theories and ideas.

  • Helping others and lifting-up teammates is part of my job: I find immense satisfaction in helping my teammates do their best work and I like to give back by providing guidance and mentoring to those more junior than me.

  • I value a healthy design practice: In my years contributing to design teams of all shapes and sizes, I’ve learned that trust, awareness and collaboration are key to building a healthy design team. I ensure that everyone on my team understands and is aligned to company strategy, and that they have the necessary support, direction and feedback needed to accomplish our team’s goals.

  • Company culture is very important to me: I like to actively contribute and help nurture the culture of my team, and find ways to bring everyone closer together. Relationships are important and have a significant impact on how we work, and ultimately on how we serve our customers.

Thank you for your time and I really hope you consider my application. I look forward to hearing back from you.

— Enrique