A friendlier network monitoring tool

Fog Creek Software

As part of a hack week at Fog Creek, I teamed up with our SysAdmins to conceptualize, design, prototype and evaluate a new systems network monitoring tool. We called it FogHorn.

A better understanding of the system and its parts

The tool's main goal was to allow system administrators to get an overview of the composition, status and relationships of all the systems in a network. We wanted it to be friendly and easy to use as a way to set it apart from other alternatives.

Network failures

One of the main features of the tool was to let sysadmins quickly identify failures in the network and easily troubleshoot the cause.

We explored several layouts and format to address this need.

Feedback and iteration loop

Being a new idea that was being tested, we prototyped and iterated quickly. We wanted to get feedback early and often.

Creating a minimum viable product and putting it on the hands of real users proved to be extremely valuable when assessing the product's market fit and feasibility.