Simple starter apps for a community of enthusiasts


I was the Product Design Lead for the Community team at Glitch and we were responsible for designing and crafting apps for members of our community and strategic partners. As part of these efforts, we were tasked with creating simple apps that would help new users get started.

The idea was that new users could reference these apps to learn how to create projects in Glitch, and also beginner coders could use them to learn the basics of core Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS).

We decided to create a series of small utility apps that served as a great way to showcase what was possible to be built in Glitch.

Try it out → Simple Countdown

Try it out → Simple Clock

Try it out → Random Ball

Try it out → Count my words

Try it out → Random number

Intentionally simple

These were intentionally simple apps and we paid special attention to following best practices and making them responsive, progressive, and accessible.